The "Face to Face" Repair Concept

Our concept & friendly service have gained the trust and satisfaction from our customers.


We Fix All Apple Devices ‘Face to Face’ Repair Concept.

The concept is a straightforward service provided in front of the customer that is fast, open and personally tailored to each individual iDevice user's issue. This new approach of servicing in front of our customers is aimed at gaining trust as well as to ensure that the service is done perfectly.

i2Fix Services

Among the services we provide :

Touch Screen Problem

LCD Problem

Broken LCD

Batery Replacement

Screen Cracked Replacements

Microphone Problem

Wifi Problems



iOS Restore / Upgrading

Home Button Problem

Button Unresponsive

USB Port

Water Damage

Software Matters

Charging Port Problem

Touch Screen Problem

And More,

i2Fix iPhone Cracked Screen

Cracked / Broken Screen Replacement

Ever been in this kind of situation? Nobody wants to, but do not worry has the solution to help you. Guaranteed fast, reliable and original parts with warranty. Beware of imitations they might look similar but are not the same as originals.

i2Fix iPhone Water Damage

Home Button & Volume, Mute, Earjack Issues

These are common issues due to either wear and tear or accidental drop damages. Easily fixed through flex replacement. Depending on the severity of the issue we can usually fix it in less than 45 mins.

i2Fix iPhone Wifi Problem

Network, WIFI and Board Problems

These are common problems customers face if their iPhone has been dropped too many a times, water damage or due to factory defects. If you face these problems we will strongly suggest that you bring the problematic iPhone to our clinic ASAP so that we can diagnose them for you.

i2Fix iPhone Cracked Screen

Water Damaged iDevices

- Switch off your iPhone
- Do not try to use or charge iPhone
- Immediately come to our shop for a quick remedy

Do not believe in myths, trust us we know how to help you with this problem of water damaged iDevice. Water and electronics do not mix. The solution is our special chemical cleaning process. Drop by ASAP to know more in detail!

i2Fix iPhone Water Damage

Cracked or Broken iDevices

Do not worry as we also repair Tablets ( iPad1/ iPad2 / iPad3 / iPad 4 / iPad Air & iPad Mini ), these include various successful repair on all mobile devices such as Broken LCD Replacement, Cracked Glass Replacement, Casing Repair, Water Damage, Freezing System Repair, Software Update & Jailbreak, System Troubleshooting.

i2Fix iPhone Wifi Problem

Face to Face Repair

Like other repair shops & centres we dont keep your iDevices behind the shop and not letting you know whats happening or what is wrong with your machine. We do face to face repair. When you bring your broken unit to us, we will check right in front of you and get it fixed within few hours but if the device needs to be parked for the parts you would need to leave it with us.

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